Warmancer Mk II

zipped mpd

     Why a Mk II?  Simply put, I thought it was needed.  Structurally, there were some issues with the CAD files that had to be addressed.  The main issue was the attachment points for the engine nacelles.  The resulting changes were carried over to the original Warmancer.  But why stop there?

     The more obvious changes are cosmetic.  The side pods were reworked, and some details were added to the main body and the cockpit.  The fuselage cannons and the quad cannons on the pods were redesigned.  Other changes include some reshaping of the main body and on the engine nacelles.

    I have decided to add some "construction of..." images.  The first two images show "exploded" views of the Warmancer. What you see are the major sub models with lines linking them to their normal position.  (They're big.)
     Next is a break down of the quad cannon on the side pods.  The design is credited to Mladen Pejic (check Links).  The way this works is the end of the antenna acts as a type of stud and prevents the binoculars from moving forward.  Four tiles or plates are then used to actually hold the binoculars in place.  Note:  one binocular and two tiles are missing for illustration purposes.
     The last bit is the attachment of the side pods to the main body.  Obviously, the two 2x2 bricks with pins on the pods connect to the 1x4 brick with holes on the main body.  The other key pieces here are the blue slopes, the green tile, and the yellow tile.  The blue slopes will rest against the green tile and the yellow tile will touch the bottom gray plate.  This will form a clamp like structure and helps control some of the rattling.  If you've used LEGO pins before, then you probably know about the rattling.
copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson