Warmancer Mk I

no longer available

The Warmancer was supposed to be the basis for a series of craft using the same fuselage assembly but fill different roles.  Although this idea has been abandoned for the most part, four other craft have been designed which bear a strong resemblance to the Warmancer:  the Darkstar, the Dark Nemesis, the Starmage, and the Warlock.

 As it stands now, the Warmancer fills the role of a long range fighter/inceptor with occasional escort duties.  Its environment is mainly interplanetary and deep space regions.

The Warmancer has two main engines attached to the fuselage as well as a smaller engine built into the fuselage.  The main engines sport vectoring fins that, in conjunction with the Grav'generators, give the craft a great deal of maneuverability.  The smaller engine is used primarily for positioning maneuvers.

With this series of craft, Grav'generators were incorporated into the design as a landing apparatus.  In the case of the Warmancer, the Grav'generators are located behind the ventral fins along the fuselage.  As stated earlier, these Grav'generators add to the craft's maneuvering abilities by allowing the pilot to shift the direction of force to some degree.

The weapon systems of the Warmancer consist primarily of energy weapons.  Two low yield lasers are mounted on each side of the fuselage.  A medium yield quad cannon is located on the ventral side of each side pod.  Also located on each side pod is a dorsal high yield plasma cannon.  The Warmancer carries four outboard missiles.

Due to the large power generators located in the pods, the Warmancer is capable of firing all of its energy weapons at once in several prolonged burst.

 Although, it is not quite state-of-the-art any longer, the Warmancer remains a very capable fighter. 

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson