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Like its sister ships, the Warlock is quite capable of filling the role of an interceptor or an escort.  However, the Warlock's main purpose is to eliminate small patrol/scout warships.  It also able to attack land based fortifications.

The Warlock bears the same low velocity drive within the fuselage as its predecessors.

The power output of the main propulsion drive system has been increased without greatly increasing the energy depend of the system.  Like the Starmage, the Warlock bears four exhaust ports (for lack of a better phrase) without any vectoring fins.

In appearance, the Grav'generators are more akin to those of the Warmancer and the Darkstar.  The external portion of the Warlock's  Grav'generators, however, have been lowered.  This was done to prevent undo interference with the drive assemblies.  Based on prototype tests, such an event would be quite spectacular; not to mention instantly devastating.

Unlike its predecessors, the Warlock has fewer energy weapons and more ballistic type weaponry.  The energy weapons consist of two very high powered plasma cannons located in the weapon pods.  Along the fuselage are two pairs of medium grade lasers.

The Warlock's other armaments include missile ports located on the dorsal and ventral sides of the weapons pods.  Two large missiles/torpedoes are also part of the load out.

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson