Tyr Medium Mecha

zipped mpd

The Tyr initially started out as an upgraded Soldier.  However, so many changes were made that a new mecha was the end result.  Specifically, feet were the only planned change due to a lack of mobility in the Soldier.  This led to the legs being totally restructured.  The Tyr is now taller and has longer stride than the Soldier.  The overall design of the Tyr's torso and arms is similar to that of the Soldier. 

Some of the more notable changes, other than the legs, are with the head, engine, and weapon systems.  The Tyr's head has more advanced sensors and communications equipment than those found in the Soldier.

With regard to the engine, the heat sinks are now located on the right side to make way for the improved weapon systems.  The weapons system has to be the most notable difference between the Tyr and the Soldier.   Occupying most of the space in the right forearm is medium yield, rapid fire laser.   On the inside of the right arm is a anti-infantry machine gun.  The ammunition drum is located next to the cylindrical power cell for the laser.

The left arm is bearing a relatively powerful pulse laser cannon.  Some of the power from the engine can be diverted to increase the cannon's output by about 18%.  However, the rate of fire would have to decrease to prevent the cannon from overheating.

The left dorsal side of the Tyr is mounted with a Variable Equipment Pack (VEP).  In this case, the VEP features a short range missile launcher.

The Tyr can also be equipped for zero-g use. The zero-g variant is fitted with several vernier thrusters and two booster packs (the heat sink has been stripped for outer space engagements).   It is also equipped with a large beam cannon.   Additionally, the right arm has a hand actuator and a shield.

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson