Terra Dragon

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Terra dragons are a form of wingless dragon.  In place of wings, terra dragons have a pair of powerful arms.  These dragons are highly intelligent and have an innate use of magic.  They rarely breathe fire.  At least, few people have survived to tell about it.  Terra dragons can live in a variety of terrain as long as there is significant prey.  Although their territories will include stretches of coastline, terra dragons tend not to lair along the coast.  The reason for this is currently unknown.
Mature terra dragons tend to ignore humans, rarely bothering to grace humans with a glance.  The same cannot be said for young dragons.  The only beings that seem to make terra dragons wary are paladins (good or evil), wizards, and other dragons.  There appears to be a deep animosity between winged dragons and terra dragons.  No one knows the reason for this hatred.  Battles between the two types are rather awesome to behold.
Builder's notes:  This model is capable of standing on its own legs.  It can also sit on its haunches.  The neck  has an adequate range of motion.  Bionicle parts are a hassle to work with in the CAD system, hence the limited poses.


Above, the terra dragon is seen along side Anthony Sava's Tel'Karak Zrahl.  An unlucky soldier gives an idea of the size of both dragons.  As for the third image, wouldn't you be humbled when confronted by a creature 5.5 times your size?
copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson