Soldier Medium Mecha

zipped mpd

The Soldier is my first attempt at a manned mech.  The biggest problem that I had with this model was getting it to stop falling over at the slightest movement.  Thanks to tips from Ben Vaughn, I was able to accomplish this.

Most of the images below show a improved Soldier.  With a few minor changes to the lower leg, modified feet from Vaughn's Arapahoe were added.  The original design (image 6) was made in Oct-Nov of 1999.  Changes to the lower legs were done in late April, 2003.  Image 7 shows the Soldier equipped with the legs of the Tyr.  Images 1, 6, and 7 use the same camera settings so you see the effect of the various leg configurations.

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson