Sleipnir Weapon System

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The Sleipnir was designed in conjunction with the Odin.  The Sleipnir provides an extended operational range and greater offensive capabilities to the Odin.  The primary weapon of the Sleipnir is a very powerful particle-beam cannon.  This cannon is effective against large non-military craft as well as most small capital ships.  The Sleipnir is also equipped with four bays capable of producing a salvo of 96 tactical nuclear missiles.  Located on the aft are two automated, defensive laser turrets.

The Sleipnir gives the Odin access to a more powerful sensor suite and augments the Odin's target system.

The Odin/Sleipnir is less maneuverable most large fighters.  As a result, the Odin/Sleipnir is accompanied with an escort.  Typically, this escort will consist of four Odin's (due to costs, Odins are more plentiful than Sleipnirs).  However, large fighters such as the Warmancer and its successors will serve as escort.

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