Dark Nemesis

zipped mpd

The Dark Nemesis is the final craft in the line started by the Warmancer.  Actually, it's more of a successor to the Warmancer.

The design of the engine nacelles goes back that of the Warmancer.  However, the output of the Dark Nemesis is greatly increased over that of the Warmancer.  The Grav'generators are also more powerful.

The weaponry consists of two plasma cannons supplemented by twelve laser cannons.  These energy weapons are located in the side nacelles.  Unlike its sister ships, the fuselage of the Dark Nemesis is devoid of any weaponry.

Another deviation is the lack of a transparent canopy.  Visual information is relayed to the pilot through the helmet by way of micro-filament optics.  Direct forward visuals are supplied by a camera on the cockpit.  Two housings alongside of the cockpit contain a number of the avionics.

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson