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Rumor has it that the Crusader is based on a fictional design found in the old archives of Earth.  The Crusader is a long range heavy fighter/interceptor, much like the Warmancer Mk II and it's successors.  The Crusader has four nozzles, two of which have some vectoring ability.  There are numerous vernier thrusters about the craft.  Although it has wing-like structures, this craft functions solely in zero-g.  The "wings" serve as hard point attachments.

The Crusader is equipped with both projectile and energy weaponry.  Projectile weaponry includes a 16-round missile pod and a rack of larger missiles.  Additionally, the standard dorsal nacelles have dual launchers.  Each launcher has a magazine of four micro-missiles.

The energy weaponry consists of a pair of medium yield laser cannons and a high yield beam cannon located in the ventral pod.  On occasion, one of the dorsal nacelle will be switch out with one bearing a double-barreled plasma cannon.  In keeping with the obscure design reference, this variant is referred to as a Strike Crusader.  Although rarely done, the Crusader can be outfitted with two strike nacelles.  Pilots who like the words "energy weapons" and "over-kill" used in the same sentence especially like this variant.

copyright 2000-2007, Travis C. Dickinson